About Me


I’m Jenessa. Welcome to Fargo Coupon Fanatic; I’m so happy you’re here. I’ve decided to make this page a little more Jenessa-focused, instead of FCF-focused. Here’s a little bit about me:


Taylor, me & Colton

I started this blog to share my extreme love for saving money! I’ve always been a deal-hunter…just ask my friends and family. I used to run to the very back of clothing stores just to find the clearance rack. I like to think I’ve settled down a bit, and now do things in a more reasonable, logical way!

The most important things in my life:

God || I know it’s overused and over-said, but it couldn’t be more true: He is the reason for everything. He is the reason I’m able to show emotion, share moments with those that I love, and experience every second of this precious and beautiful thing we call life.

photo (4)

My family rocks.

My family || I have a younger sister and brother, who are the most hilarious people I know. And my parents, who are fantastically awesome humans who raised us to know when to laugh, when to offer a helping hand, and when to shut up. I also have a huge extended family with whom I’m very close.

My friends || I’m one of those rare people who is still best friends with girls from high school, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I also have some fabulous gal-pals whom I met in college, through work, or on the street. (Just kidding, I don’t pick up friends on street corners.)


Some of my best friends: Meghan, Kathryn, Jess, Kirsten and Alisha

Creativity || I’m a crafter. I definitely get that from my mother, who is the definition of a creative genius. I enjoy making cards, house decor, canvases, repurposing things from the second-hand store, etc. I love being able to make people presents that mean something! Creativity is super important. And so is glitter.

Pets || I have an adorable cat named Bixley. He’s 5 months old, and is adorable. My family gave him to me as a surprise for my 25th birthday! I also have a dog (Maizey) and a crabby old lady cat (Kiwi) at my parents’ house. I love cuddly friends!



Other things that make me happy:

Saving money || Duh. Seriously, the thrill of watching the total drop at Target while I’m checking out is one of the best feelings ever. I promise.

Grammar || I’m one of those weird people who will yell at you if you use the wrong your/you’re. Don’t test me. However, I’m going to go ahead and say that I have my own writing style, so don’t judge me for incomplete sentences on this blog. Also, no matter what Word tells you, “couponing” is 100% a word.

Dancing || In my living room. At a bar. In my car. At the dance class I coach. At Zumba. In my desk at work. Word of advice: Never miss an opportunity to dance.



French fries || Without a doubt, my favorite food in the world. Fun fact: Three Lyons Pub in Fargo has the best fries in the Midwest. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of fries.

Wombats || They’re my favorite animal, followed by Beluga whales. Both are super bizarre-looking, yet fluffy and friendly (I assume) animals. Fun fact: I have a stuffed animal Wombat named Spike that I got in Australia, where my obsession began.

Diet Coke || Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s terrible for me. But it’s SO delicious. I’ve tried to quit like 3,976 times, but here I am, sipping a DC. There are worse habits.

Things that don’t make me happy:

Negativity || YOU are the one who determines your mood. YOU are the one who can change a day from gloomy to sparkly. A change of attitude is a powerful thing!



Olives, seafood, barbeque sauce || Ew.

So there you have it–a little peek into my life! Once again, thanks for checking out the blog. I appreciate it!


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