Best Couponing Websites

While I would love for Fargo Coupon Fanatic to be your go-to for coupon tips, sadly I can’t be THAT full of knowledge. I can, however, point you to some of the best around! Here are a few of my favorites: || This is my favorite couponing site, EVER. It’s run by a lady named Collin, who does awesome videos and posts about hot deals. The best thing she posts, though, is her weekly match-ups. She (or her team) will go through the weekly ads at stores like Target, Walgreens and CVS, and compile a list of what coupons to use with that week’s sale. || I really only visit Target’s website for two things: to check out the weekly ad and to print coupons. Their coupon page is really easy to use, and allows you to search for specific products. || They do almost the exact same thing Hip2Save does, exclusively for Target. Their deals are a little more in-depth and detailed. || The best site for printing manufacturers’ coupons. It doesn’t allow you to search for brands or products, but you can sort by category–grocery, toys, etc. || This is my favorite site for retail coupons. If I’m heading to Old Navy, I’ll search this site for Old Navy Printable Coupons. They post whatever coupons might be available, and even show you the ones that have expired, for future reference (and so you can get really frustrated that you missed a better deal!) || This site is a little bit less user-friendly, and I actually like their iPhone app better than the website. But it’s another way to find retail coupons. One unique thing they do is list both online and printable offers for retail stores. || Interested in earning money back for shopping online?! I LOVE Ebates. They make it really easy to start earning money back on things you’d already order online. Just search for the store you’re ordering from, click through their website and start earning! Pretty simple. And pretty awesome.

Do you have any hidden secret deal websites that I missed?


3 thoughts on “Best Couponing Websites

  1., shows freebies, has a coupon database, has early ads up for target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and it also has links to all of the different coupons printing sites

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