Top 10 Couponing Tips

I’ve been couponing for roughly three years, and have come across a few key things to keep in mind! Take advantage of the tips below, and be sure to watch for further posts with more detail about each tip!

Fargo Coupon Fanatic’s Top 10 Couponing Tips

  • Organize your coupon stash: Nothing will slow down a shopping trip faster than not being able to find a specific coupon!
  • Plan & research before each shopping trip: There are a ton of websites and resources to check out before you get to shopping. Making a plan beforehand can lead to fewer impulse buys, and help you to avoid missing out on even more money-saving opportunities!
  • Be friendly to employees: These people are your FRIENDS! They’re the ones who control the cash register and make the decisions on whether or not to accept your coupons.
  • Know each store’s policies: Some grocery stores offer doubling of coupons, and stores like Target allow you to use one manufacturer and one Target coupon per item. There are also fabulous opportunities like missed coupons.
  • Take advantage of return policies: If you’re on a quick trip to Kohl’s, find a great deal on a few pairs of pants and don’t know which to buy, grab them both! Learning return policies can save you tons of time!
  • Use your smart phone: There are so many fun money-saving apps available! You always take it to the store anyways, so you might as well learn the best ways to utilize it!
  • Organize your stockpile: You’ll never know how many bottles of shampoo you have if you don’t keep your stash well-organized!
  • Keep a budget: Couponing can save you tons of money. But if you over-buy things you don’t need, then you’re wasting money!
  • Shop smart: If you can buy something on clearance that you know you’ll use later, throw it in the cart! Keep an eye out for things you could use as gifts later, or things you could repurpose. This also applies to post-holiday clearance events–if you know you need more Christmas wrapping paper, buy it in January!
  • Be confident & have fun: If you don’t enjoy couponing, you shouldn’t be doing it! Confidence goes a long way–if you appear to know the policies of a store, the employees are more likely to honor your requests.

Happy saving!


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